Gamer vs Bitcoiner

So here I am trying to stop playing.

My old-school gamer inside, just doesn’t allow me to do nothing but play. This is one of the main differences between common Bitcoin games, Just roll the dices: crypto or sht.

The release of Bit of War will make a breakpoint in the blockchain world, because we are puting together two publics: Blockchainers and Gamers.

In this game, I can win with my own skills and not with my shitty luck. Yes, you can win with the dices, but if you are looking for something else, this game is not about luck. I mean, as a gamer, I can train and beat the rank, beat all players, win a lot of Bits, I can reach a whole Bitcoin because I’m a good player.

So, I’m a gamer, I tried the playground and my profit is too good to play without Bitcoin. But how to play with Bitcoin? As many gamers tell us “I’m a gamer, no blockchain knowledge“, we made this FAQ to put a light on all that questions we face every day.

If you are a gamer and you want to be a Bitcoiner then you can read the FAQ and everything will be easier to understand. Do you already have an account? some bitcoin inside it? Then, you’re ready to beat the rank.

Gamer? Bitcoiner? Both!