Just a bit of war

One morning I woke up and saw my cellphone with a huge ammount of non read whatsapp messages. For me, this means “Something big is going on”. And it was.

Our CEO/dev/multitasking/non sleeping, Chris, was writing lots of messages, organising developments, designs, communications, everything related with BOW. He was still writing, that means he was still awake (for me it was 8am, for him 3am!).

So suddenly all the team were testing, writing and trying to give shape to Bit of War.

After three months of work the game finally is in Alpha testing, almost ready, waiting for users. Of course it is possible to play without Bitcoin in the Playground. We home the blockchain option will be ready in December. So, take a look, start a war and see How much you can earn.

Are you the winner?